We’ve upgraded our brew house!

Our old one has been undersized for a while. Coos County drinks a lot of local beer! We’ve been brewing twice in succession to fill up a single fermenter, which can make for some really long days! With the baby coming, we decided it was time to cut our brew time in half. This larger brew house can produce 500 gallons of beer at a time, and should last us for many years to come. IMG_2612

This 100% stainless steel, direct-fire brew house was manufactured by Practical Fusion in Oregon City. Our entire brewery in comprised of American made brewing vessels. As always, 7 Devils Brewing Co. is committed to stimulating our local economy by buying our materials and equipment as close to home as possible. We’ll keep doing it as long as we have people like you, who continue to support your local brewery. Thank you!!!

Our old brew system was purchased by a start-up brewery in La Grande, OR.

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