Live Music you don’t want to miss! 7/7 and 7/8

7 Devils is sponsoring an EPIC couple of days of live music in early July that covers everything from blues and vaudeville to alternative rock.

Starting things off is Hot Damn Scandal and The Free Range Reveleers, both from Bellingham, WA. playing at the pub on Thursday, July 7th. 


Hot Damn Scandals is a Tipsy American Gypsy Blues Band led by “Stinky” Pete Irving. They are a seven piece band playing an array of instruments that help create their End of the World Love Songs, as they liketo call them.



Playing with them is The Free Range Reveleers, a vaudeville ragtime blues du roaming around the country bringing laughter and smiles to their audiencs alongside some good tunes


GiversAndTakersOn Friday, July 8th, Los Angeles’ own Givers & Takers will be playing some alternative bliss-rock at the pub. The 4-piece group’s heavy yet soulful sound is built upon rich layers, captivating melodies, and powerful vocals.



It’s going to be a RAD couple days at the brewery for west coast music! Come join the party!

Annie Pollard
7 Devils Brewing Co. 

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