LIVE MUSIC- Coos Bay area

The Rogue Rebellion

rogue rebellion

The Rogue Rebellion plays every kind of music you can imagine. From ancient baroque pre-classical to post-modern west coast gangster rap, their show will have a bit of:

Penny Whistle,
and a whole lot of singing. And that’s just the gigs they do without the brass horn line. They’ve been compared to AC/DC, The Talking Heads, Mozart, and Flogging Molly, but they really sound a little bit like those bands and 50 other bands. At the same time. With fat dance beats. Listen Here:

Saturday, August 26, 2017
From 3:00pm to 5:00pm
7 Devils Brewing Co.
247 S. 2nd St.
Coos Bay, OR 97420
The Clam Diggers

Clamdiggers logo

The Clam Diggers Band was founded in 2015 by David Ford, Michael Carrillo, Clark Stacer and Alec Berfield out of the need and desire to dig as deep as musically possible for the route to Modern Blues and Original tunes. Oh and don’t forget the clams.
Each of these members of course have individual influences, some Blues, some Americana, some RnB, some Grunge and more. Well, you get the point…….here are 4 players who got karmically lucky and found each other with a deep appreciation of everyone else’s style and what happens when you put all that together.
The Clam Diggers Band’s first goal is to have as much FUN as possible. It’s been said that if the band is having fun, that translates to audiences and all of a sudden everyone finds themselves dancing and singing along and having a blast. Listen Here

Saturday, August 26, 2017
From 7:00pm to 10:00pm
7 Devils Brewing Co.
247 S. 2nd St.
Coos Bay, OR 97420