7 Devils is sponsoring an EPIC week of live music, from bluegrass, to ragtime blues, to reggae. 

Starting things off is Cygne, an internationally touring singer song-writer from Santa Cruz, CA. She’ll be playing at the pub on Sunday, June 12th. She’s played here before and we are thrilled to have her back. 

Next up is Idyltime on Wedesday, June 15th at the pub. Fiddle, banjo, mando, dobro, guitar, upright bass. Four voices, eight hands, forty fingers. This is going to be good!

Idyltime came out from Idaho to play at our wedding. Their latest CD is ALWAYS in our car stereo, and occupies a rare place among the albums at the top of the most played stack at our house. We can’t stress enough how pleased we are to welcome them into our establishment, and we think you’ll understand why when you hear them!

Thursday night we will be hosting Jacob Miller and the Bay City Crooners. Don’t be fooled by their youthful visage, these folks are making a BIG SPLASH in the Portland music scene. Professional performers, they grace their audiences with depression era suits to match their 1930’2 and 40′s original ragtime blues. You’ll find their music is influenced by a multitude or sources, including early jazz, country blues, jugband swing, and a little it of B-side soul.

Now it’s off to Lakeside, OR for the Lakeside Brew Fest. This quaint little brew fest is our very favorite of the dozen’s we attend each year. Its populated primarily by small, local craft breweries and wineries that are represented by the brewers themselves. Reserve a camp site Friday night and you can hob knob around the camp fire with the brewers/owners from Arch Rock, Chetco, 7 Devils, and Misty Mountain.

7 Devils is in charge of the music line-up for the festival, and we’re treating you to an evening of excellent original reggae by Satisfi, from Portland on Friday. Saturday is the day we celebrate our local talent, with the Clam Diggers at noon, followed by Charlie Freak, and crowning the event is Done Deal, who is sure to get you dancing!

And if you’ve still got a hankering for live music, you can sneak back to the pub Saturday evening for a performance by a touring Americana musician who goes by the name of Ovando, starting at 8pm. Ovando sings original tunes about truck stops, UFOs and gas station attendants.

Whew! 8 shows in 6 days! You might need a few craft beers to keep your dancing stamina up!

Annie Pollard
7 Devils Brewing Co. 

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